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Giant Ball Chair

Eero Aarnio came up with the giant version of the Ball Chair many years ago while taking note of how small children absolutely loved the original chair. He wanted to create the same experience for adults. The designer feels strongly that as we grow we unfortunately lose our playful take on life and often overthink. Throughout his career Eero Aarnio has strived to preserve the child-like playfulness and curiosity that makes life wonderful. The Giant Ball Chair is a reminder that we all should embrace the small child within and allow moments of happiness.

The first Giant Ball Chair travelled with us through furniture fairs from Stockholm to Copenhagen and Helsinki 2019. 

The dimensions of the Giant Ball Chair are 200 x 200 x 250 cm and it weighs abt. 220kg.


More information and the story behind the Ball Chair (1963) can be found here

Product details

Dimensions: 201 cm width x 177 cm depth x 220 cm height

Materials: Fibreglass shell, aluminum foot, polyurethane foam cushions, upholstered with fabric