Eero Aarnio Originals – the sole authorised manufacturer of classic designs by Eero Aarnio


Where can I experience the chair near me?

Many of our retailers have floor models of our designs in their showrooms. If not, they might recommend a location near you, where the product is on display. Check our retailers list here.

I am buying a second hand chair, how can I make sure it's an original? 

The downside of the iconic creations is that they are copied all around the world. We try to help as much as we can, taking every case individually by mail at

Do you sell any second hand furniture?

We have a stock of products that are used for the promotional events and photoshoots. Once a year we organise sample sales, where we sell these items for a good price. If you have a particular product in mind, you can contact us at any time to check the availability.

I love the chair so much, but expensive price makes me consider a replica. Why should I purchase an original?

While styled similarly, fake products often fail to deliver solutions comparable to an original design. Counterfeiters are focused on mass production of items that look adequate but do not fulfill sufficient standards. Production is aimed to deliver results as cheap and fast as possible. Whereas an original design is all about functionality, aesthetics and high-quality materials, replicas inevitably lack to possess these characteristics.

For example, the Ball chair is made in Finland and consists of 90% working by hand. The process of gluing the fiber tissue takes hours, layer by layer including drying in between the painting parts. In the end, it is finished by careful polishing. In addition, the complexity of the upholstering process requires exceptional skills. All the materials used in production are of the highest quality.

Often, consumers are not fully aware of the buying decision’s impact. Sometimes in buying a replica, one does not even know that the piece of furniture in question is in fact a copy of an original design. A replica might look completely the same, only considerably cheaper. Price of an unauthorised copy indicates plenty about the materials used in production. A replica is always of poorer quality than the original product. The origin of a fake product often remains unknown.

Furthermore, organised crime and bad working conditions, including child labor, can’t be explicitly ruled out. Contributing to an overall unethical market result to replicas bearing eternal shame throughout their short life cycle. An original classic is forever authentic and designed to last the test of time. The manufacturer of an original is established, the sales network and retailers are legitimate, hence, consumers can rely on the information provided by all parties.

I am a huge fan, where can I greet Mr. Aarnio? 

Eero Aarnio is very social and always has stories to tell. We organise public events once or twice a year, subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned!

Can each product really be tracked?

All Eero Aarnio Originals classics can be identified by unique ID-labels to ensure the origin and verify authenticity. In addition, all of the classic collection items are delivered with a separate certificate of authenticity, with the designers signature.

Can you provide instructions for the Bubble chair roof installation?

Every roof is different and therefore, there is no specific “one fits all” mechanism. We advise to always consult your building engineer or an architect about the ceiling material. For some roofs one iron hook is enough, while others might demand more complex fastenings. The Bubble Chair holds up to 200 kg and should be no higher than 25-28cm from the ground to ensure your feet can rest.

Can you fix my old Ball Chair?

Yes, we can restore old chairs and provide spare parts as well.

Can I keep my Pastil outdoors all year around?

Yes, the production of the glass fiber furniture is similar to the production of the glass fiber boats. If not damaged, the product can be kept outside from -30 to +30 degrees.